Gantt View only opens a blank page

I created a Gantt view of my spreadsheet, but when I try to open the workbook now, it will only open a completely blank white screen. This happened originally when I clicked the “+” to create the new view. I have tried clearing browser cache and data thinking the problem was there, but that did not help. All other workbooks open just fine.

Hi Ben, Thanks for reporting this. Sounds like you’ve run into a bug. If you have time to share the developer console output this would be a big help.

To do this in Chrome, go to the three dots on the top right, and choose More Tools > Developer Tools:

Then make sure the “Console” tab is selected as shown here:

You may see some error messages in red text. Right click on the console output and choose “Save as” to save the entire console log and share it with us here or email us at

If there are only a small number of error messages you can also share a screenshot with us.

Thank you and apologies for the inconvenience

This is what appears when I open the Developer Tools Console. The page will open now, but there are looping errors when creating the Gantt view and enabling Project Management. In the PM window, I can choose the columns for each necessary piece of data, and can save the changed. However, it then says that the workbook is out of date and needs to be reloaded. Then the PM is no longer enabled, and the loop continues.

To clarify, I did have the dev tools console open earlier when the page would not open. There were error messages (in red) at that time. However, those are no longer appearing, so I am simply sharing what I see now in regards to the looping error.


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When I enable PM and save changes, here are the error messages that appear. I did not notice them before because the page was previously automatically reloading.

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Thank you for these details. We are tracking this internally as issue # 005250 and will follow up here as soon as we have a resolution, and will follow up with you directly via email to fix this for you as soon as possible.