Form URL Changed after adding a column to the source worksheet

I’m not sure this is a bug, but it’s a different behavior than Google Sheets/Forms. I have a link in a worksheet (using HYPERLINK) to open a submission form (using a Form View). I added a new column to the worksheet and then the URL to the form changed (making the previous link no longer work):

Screen Shot 04-20-21 at 08.54 AM

This could be an issue if the link to the submission form was shared and bookmarked by a lot of employees. I’d prefer that the share url for a form view remain working even after changes are made to the form or the underlying worksheet.

This should not happen. The URL of a form is based on a unique View ID that should not change as long as that form view exists. We are investigating. Stay tuned and thanks for raising this.

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Its a bug with Hyperlink : Tracking as 003477

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Yes, expanding on what @Murali_Mohan shared, this issue only affects formulas that use the HYPERLINK function to construct a link to a Form using the Form’s URL as parameter.

The actual URL of the form does not change when you insert a column, but the value passed to the HYPERLINK function does, which is a bug we verified and we’ll be fixing soon. We’ll update this thread once the fix is rolled out.

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