External excel file as a query database

Is it possible to connect in Spreadsheet an external .xls or .csv file as a query as well as in Excel (that when I update the external excel file automatically update in spreadsheet worksheet)?
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I have not tried it out yet - however I have the feeling this may work :

Without using Zapier, can you provide a worksheet showing a simple example of “excel file as a query database”?
Thank you.

Ability to reimport excel files and update existing worksheets that were created from said Excel files is on our near term roadmap.

Will share on this thread when we have a date.



Can you say more about this feature? Will it be bi-directional updating? in real-time? Also, whatever the feature set, is there an ETA on this feature for Excel integration?

And then any similar plans to extend the capability to Google Sheets?



We have released ability to import CSV data into existing worksheets. See update #2 here

There are no immediate plans to support datasync against Excel or GSheets. You can keep your data in sync manually via the CSV import feature highlighted above or automated via our Zapier integration where you can setup a bi-directional sync.


Thanks for reply. I’m aware of the CSV and Zapier approach but disappointed there are no plans for native integration with Excel. I really like Spreadsheet but in some cases, this will push my applications into the arms of SpreadSheet competitor. I’d rather stay in Spreadsheet. Please see advocacy arguments and use case below for adding this feature to SpreadSheet.com road map.

As aside, I’m thinking the decision to not include the feature is a strategic oversight but do appreciate that time is limited and there only so much room on a road map for ideas. So, just my $.02 cents, however, it feels like a market limiting move that will take Spreadsheet out of consideration for many potential users if a native Excel synch not available.

Thanks Again.