Duplicate sheet / page

We have several worksheets in our workbook that share the same headers, column’s data types, styles, etc… In excel we create the first worksheet and then duplicate it as many times as needed. How can we do this in Spreadsheet?

See in the picture below the feature in Excel:



This has been a popular request we’re tracking as enhancement # 002418. We’ll be adding a “Duplicate” worksheet option to the worksheet context menu. Will update this thread once we have more to share.

Meanwhile, the best way to achieve this now is the following, though we realize it’s not ideal:

  1. Create a new empty worksheet
  2. Go to the worksheet you’d like to copy, select all using CTRL+A and the copy it to clipboard with CTRL+C
  3. Go to the new worksheet, select cell A1
  4. CTRL+V to paste
  5. Update the data type of all columns to match the column data types in the source worksheet.

Once we have the “Duplicate” worksheet option available, there will be no need for all of these steps.

The issue with the select all, copy, paste method, is that it doesnt keep the same column and row widths and heights. have we got an eta on enhancement # 002418 i have 10 sheets that i want to be the exact same dimensions, going through manually and changing every second column to be “roughly the same” will take time, but will also tilt me because i’ll know they’re not all the same width.

Ok so i just made 10 workbooks, 1 per client, is there going to be a way to merge workbooks together in the future. I see that i can link cells across workbooks, but i would much prefer to have them all in one workbook for ease of access

In addition to a “Duplicate” option for worksheets, we also plan to provide an option to copy a worksheet to either a new workbook or an existing workbook. So when we get there you’ll be able to copy a worksheet to another workbook and then delete it from the source workbook if needed (effectively the same as “Move”).

We don’t have an ETA on either of these yet but they have both been requested multiple times and they are a priority for us.