Duplicate files when uploading

When adding attachments to a cell more times than not it duplicates the file during upload. If I delete the duplicate, both files disappear. I can get it to work after adding/removing a couple of times, but clearly not ideal or sustainable. I’ve tried both drag & drop and upload, both seem to be creating the issue.

We agree, this problem is annoying. We’re tracking this issue internally as 003550 and 003476 and will respond here as soon as we have a resolution.

The file is not actually being duplicated, we are just mistakenly showing two thumbnails when we should only be showing 1. The duplicate does not appear when you reload the workbook, however, this should not be necessary. One way to safely remove the duplicate thumbnail is to select the cell and remove it in the formula bar using BACKSPACE or DELETE. However, these are workarounds that will be unnecessary once we fix the issue. Thanks for your patience.


@Nicole_Tschorn We believe we have resolved this issue in a recent update. Let us know if you run into it again and if so we’ll reopen it.