Dropbox Paper connection with Spreadsheet

Is it possible to connect Dropbox Paper with Spreadsheet?
Thank you

@fn_a - As I understand paper is a Notion like live document. What kind of integrations are you thinking of?

Hello @Murali_Mohan,
In Dropbox Paper you design a infinite scroll interactive document where is possible to add text, table, images, calendar and so on and comment or chat among the group members. I think It would be useful to connect this Dropbox paper scroll document with Spreadsheet worksheet.
Do you think in alternative is it possible to replicate the Dropbox behavior in spreadsheet?
Thank you

Thanks @fn_a.

Regarding this:

… can you share more detail about what you are envisioning? Would this be embedding a workbook, worksheet, or specific View thereof, into a Dropbox paper document?

Regarding this:

We are working on a feature called Dashboards now, which we expect to be available before end of 2022. This will allow you to essentially create documents with widgets such as text, views, charts, reports, metrics, images, videos, etc. We look forward to your feedback on this once it arrives.