Dragging right on formulae doesn't auto-scroll and populate cells

I don’t face this issue when dragging down, as it auto-scrolls vertically and populates cells. However, when scrolling horizontally, there is no auto-scroll, and I have to manually navigate via the scroll bar. I’m on Brave, not on Chrome or Safari - could that be the issue?

@Deepak_VS - Welcome to the forum. Brave is not a supported browser. I request you to use the product in a recent version of Chrome, Safari, Edge or Firefox. If the problem persists, please let us know.

@Deepak_VS Yes, we have noticed that the sheet does not auto-scroll when trying to auto-fill horizontally. This is happening irrespective of the browser that you are using. Tracking this as issue #4130. We’ll update this thread once its resolved.

As a temporary workaround, you can reduce the width of the browser and try auto-filling by dragging the mouse outside of the browser (Moving cursor outside of the sheet region during drag will scroll the sheet).


Will try that, thanks!