Default Value for More Data Types

Hi, this is not urgent, but would be nice to be able to have a checkbox data type, and specify that new rows by defaults are toggled on.

Would like something similar for ‘select’ data type columns as well.

This would make adding a new row a breeze. i think 90% of use cases start with creating a row where the defaults are pretty standard.

Would be extremely delightful for users who are used to excel where default values are not posisble.


@Tim_Kim - This is a good suggestion.

A question around this : “Adding a row” action ( Similarly, Add 100 rows at the bottom as well…) is like adding a empty placeholder row in the database - that row is not ‘Initialized’. However once you have entered a value in any cell (ie, the row has been initialized), the default values would turn on. Is that what you had in mind? Is that a good UX for you?

Also, adding a ‘New Button’ that would pop up the Row Dialog with default values filled in a UX flow which is on the anvil.


Hm very interesting to think about this suggestion when thinking about how its actually implemented with respect to a ‘new button’ and the very nice, already existing ‘add x rows’.

My first thought is that within the ‘new ticket’ button, and add 100 rows… there’s a dropdown that lets you choose ‘create a truly blank row’ or ‘create a ‘default’ row’. So users can pick whichever they like… not the most elegant but also kind of elegant since it would still be one button with the feature hidden… just one users thoughts :slight_smile:


I like these ideas, also. Both the idea of having the defaults only show up when some cell is edited, as well as the option to “create X rows [with defaults]”.