Data Entry / Query on iPhone?

I’m trying to use SpreadSheet on my iPhone:

  • If I use sheet view, I can use Siri to enter info
  • If I use a form, can’t use Siri voice entry on my phone
  • If I use the sheet, sometimes it locks up, so that is why I turned to form for data entry
  • So Siri works in the sheet but not the form and screen locking occurs on the sheet but not the form.
    Would like to have Siri and no screen lock on all UI


    • Also, while I can reload the form multiple times, by linking to itself, in addition to submit button, would like to have button that says, submit and new row that does not invoke the 5 second wait rule.
    • Then the technique to use a form to recall or query for a row is not obvious, so I’m thinking it missing?