Custom Number Formats

I thought I had mentioned this somewhere, but I can’t find it. This is a general request/need for support for custom number formats, compatible with the same custom number formats (or as the same as possible) as Excel and Google Sheets.

In case this won’t be a possibility, I’ll use this post to list the number formats that I need for compatibility with other spreadsheets.

“d” for displaying just the day of the month “1, 2, 3, 4 …”
“mmm” for displaying the abbreviated month name like “Jan, Feb, …”
“mmmm” for displaying the full month name like “January, February, …”
“mmmm yyyy” for displaying a common month label like “January 2020”
“mmm yyyy” for displaying an abbreviated month and year like “Jan 2020”
“mmm 'yy” for displaying an abbreviated month and year like “Jan '20”
“ddd m/d/yy” for abbreviated dates in project schedules where you want to know the day of the week like “Mon 9/21/2020”
“ddd d/m/yy” for the UK format

“h:mm AM/PM” for displaying just the time instead of the date and time like “4:30 PM”
“[h]:mm” for displaying duration in hours and minutes like “52:23”

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Thank you, we do plan to add support for custom number formats but don’t have a specific time-frame in mind for this yet. We may be able to add the above as format options to the Date and Date & time data types in the meantime. We’ll keep you posted. Regarding Time values and custom Time number formats, we also plan to add a dedicated Time data type.

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Also, can you add 000-000-0000 to the Phone Number format. I use this formatting for work purposes.

Date data type now includes “d” format option


Awesome. The “d” format is going to be extremely useful! Thank you!