Copy Cells Between Worksheets

While maybe not technically a bug … it is critical to be able to copy cells from one worksheet to another. This includes the formatting of the cell, especially.

Currently, the work around I’m using is to make sure that before I import a spreadsheet from Excel, I have multiple copies of the worksheet that contains the formatting/style I want to use.

We are revisiting how copy paste works in to seamlessly copy data from Excel/GSheets. As part of this enhancement, we will also enhance copy-pasting data within SSDC that will take care of data types as well as styling.

While ‘Paste Special’ feature is a little far out, basic copy pasting (including formatting/formulas) will be addressed in what is coming soon.

Appreciate all the ideas/improvements you have shared in the forum!

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Thank you. I am trying to import data into a worksheet and now have to have a whole new workbook. The copy/paste functionality will be helpful.

This may not solve your particular needs, plus it sounds like Santosh and team are working on improving copy/pasting style between worksheets. But there are a few work arounds I use that may help:

  • If you have a worksheet in a style you like, then you can create a template of that worksheet and anytime you need that style you can save a new worksheet based off the style. This can help to prevent needing to make multiple copies of the worksheet as the custom template saves the formatting in one place (unless you want multiple copies).
  • If you like the formatting of one worksheet, you can also use the Make a copy feature to copy a worksheet, and then change the data in your copy.
  • Once your worksheet is set up with the formatting you want, you can copy data into it and then use copy and paste style inside that worksheet. Yes, this doesn’t yet work between worksheets, but it should work inside a worksheet.
  • Occasionally I have trouble copying and pasting data between worksheets. In these cases, I refresh my worksheet or try to copy fewer cells and it starts working.

Again, this may not yet be seamless, but I’m generally able to work with these tools to match any style I need.

Copy paste feature has been upgraded and released with the latest product update.
Please go through the specific use case which was mentioned in the above thread and revert if there any further queries.

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So far, the copy/paste feature is working much better.

One thing I ran into yesterday was wanting to copy the entire set of Select options from a table header row cell into another worksheet (to use the same set of colors and options). While I was able to do this for individual cells, I couldn’t get it to work for defining the data type used in the Table Header Row.

I can see how there could be problems copying the data type for a table header row with the strict option set. But perhaps this could be accomplished if pasting the cell automatically changed the data type to non-strict.

An example where you may want to do this: You have a table column with a Select data type with specific options and colors that you want to use in another worksheet.

Ability to copy over column level data types will be introduced as part of “Paste Special” enhancement including all the usual suspects like formulas only, formatting only, column widths, etc.

Unless such specific functions are being used, copy pasting a range of cells will always result in cell properties being localized (e.g. cells copied from a Select/Multi-select column will result in those options applied only at the cell level, when pasting).

In the interim, you can copy over such columns to target area and then edit target column data type to Select. This populates options based on column data. What doesn’t work is that it does not pick the colors already defined on options in individual cells. We will address this as a bug.

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Thank you. It is convenient that it picks up on the existing data in the column. Looking forward to the paste special options, also.