Conditional Formatting - wrong results

Hope this is the right place for this stuff now. I didn’t see the Bug category anymore

I have a condition set up to format a row when a column WIW is set to true:

I also have an automation to handle if the Coach column gets changed, that it will reset the WIW back to false.
When this automation is applied, the Coach Column formatting does not get reset like the others, it’s staying green.

It works perfectly fine outside of the automation. If I manually put the check mark in the WIW column the whole row changes as expected.

thanks in advance to your attention to this.
talk soon.

I tried to replicate the issue - it works fine for me though. Could you please share a screenshot of the automation that changes the value of the Coach column? I’m interested in the specific final change Action.

Here’s the screen shot.

I was also curious why the Value is set to Value when it’s false, but if it’s set to true, it shows true

here’s also a screen shot of my conditional formatting:

Thanks. Unfortunately I have been unable to reproduce except for the following case : Click and drag the corner down to paste cell data.
Is that what you were doing?


" I was also curious why the Value is set to Value when it’s false, but if it’s set to true, it shows true"
:point_up: This one we are releasing a fix for in short order.

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hmm… no, no click and dragging…

… could i give you access to our backup dB like before. maybe you can see what i’m doing wrong.

i’ve even created a new row, and still, these are the steps:

  1. Select a “Coach”
  2. Click the corresponding WIW (checkbox) > the row turns green
  3. Change the “Coach” > the automation runs
  4. The WIW (checkbox) reverts back to “false” and is unchecked

this is where the row will turn white, except the “Coach” column.

Hi Benjamin,

This sounds good and I just followed up with an email with the users you can invite to backup DB.

Thomas Van Steyn
Customer Success Manager

Hello @benjamin_gunter ,

Thanks for reporting this issue, we found that this is a bug from our side, we are working on a fix, we will update here when the system is upgraded with the fix. Here is the Bug#004944



Hi @benjamin_gunter ,

The issue is resolved with the latest production upgrade.
Please revert if there are any further queries.