Checklist in Spreadsheet

It would be great if it is possible to get a checklist component (also with a value as a progress bar) in Spreadsheet. It would be very useful in kanban and form views
Thank you

Hi @fn_a,

One thing we are considering is potentially supporting markdown syntax in a new rich text data type. Markdown supports a special “task list” syntax, described here: Extended Syntax | Markdown Guide

Is this what you are referring to?

Meanwhile, if you have an example in mind it would be great if you could share a visual of what you are thinking of for “value as a progress bar”.


Hi @matt,
thank you for your fast replay. A new rich text data type for task list it seems a wonderful and interesting way! Regarding the example of I have in mind is similar to Trello card. See attached

I’m looking forward to hearing from you good news
Thank you again

Got it @fn_a, thanks for the suggestion. If we do end up supporting markdown in a rich text data type this progress bar makes sense and is something we might consider.

Hi @matt,
Do you have any news on about it?
Thank you in advance

@fn_a The feature is being worked on. Will share concrete dates in a few weeks time.

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