Changing the Format of Multiple Cells

There are cases where I want to change the format (such as the font) for an entire range of cells, or even an entire worksheet. Sometimes the font does not update.

Example: Let’s say I want to change the font to Arial in the entire worksheet. If cell A1 is already Arial, then the font is not changed anywhere. However, if cell A1 is some other font, then all of the other cells in the range will change as intended.

Work Around: Change the font of the first cell in the selected range to something else before making the change to the entire range.

The problem with the work around is that you may not realize that it is needed. You may think that you are changing the font in all cells, but you might not be.

I checked all toolbar actions for your use case. Only font face and font size has this issue (will be tracked as a bug). For all other actions (e.g. borders, alignment, color) selecting the action applies it to all cells regardless of whether the primary cell selection already has the style or not. Let me know if you see otherwise.

Note that in this use case, for toggle based toolbar actions like ‘bold’, ‘italic’, etc you will need to do the action twice to effect it across all cells. The behavior is at par with other spreadsheet software.

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I have an update on this issue. Although the original issue appears to have been resolved, there is now a problem when you undo the action, as shown in the animated gif.

Testing Font Change

In this case, the first cell in the range is already Arial font, and the final cell does correctly change to Arial. However, when you undo this action, all of the cells change to Times font.

Although not shown in the animated gif, if you repeat this process but change to 10 point font, and then undo, the cell currently 12 point font does not change back to 12 pt.

If you repeat this and change all to Bold, and then undo, the cell originally bold changes to normal (rather than staying bold).