Can we add a canvas column type?

Coda just launched a ‘canvas type’. When you click on the cell, a full canvas opens up where you can do text editing, write in multiple paragraphs.

Notion is so annoying because within databases, the simple act of copying and pasting takes 4 clicks.

That’s why we moved our databases over to

But occasionally we need to paste multiple images, long form thought, etc. into the cell of a row that represents a particular customer project.

I know ya’ll are busy. love the product :slight_smile:


Welcome @Tim_Kim and glad you are enjoying the product! Thank you for the suggestion. We do have plans to add a rich text data type that would function similar to what you’ve described, along with the ability to easily open a canvas-like editor from these cells. No ETA yet on this. We will update this thread once we have more to share.


Hi Matt, Just checking in on this. Not sure if you’re competitive research is showing you this, but i think you would have a MASSIVE inflow of users from Notion AND Coda if you can introduce this.

Most people go to Notion to create WIKI’s, but the multiple nesting allowed within Notion renders it unusuable. A DATABASE paradigm with cells that can be used as a canvas with Rich Text Editor that allows images to be embedded would be a killer feature.

The incremental improvements are necessary, but I think this feature release would open up a entirely new set of customers immediately!!!

Seriously, I think putting a Canvas type data type in an “excel cell” would get you on top of hackernews for weeks and generate a huge amount of chatter on socials.

:slight_smile: just pushing. i think about this at least every week.


Thank you @Tim_Kim! We definitely share your enthusiasm for launching the rich text data type feature.

Let me get back to you on this thread as soon as we have an ETA to share.

Hi Matt!

Love the new updates you rolled out. The API is huge and I know we’ll see some amazing things come out.

Any idea when rich text canvas type will be out? I think small businesses across the country will be absolutely transformed. There’s not really good software that lets companies manualize within the context of a database. I would run ads next to search queries for trainual and notion wikipedia once this feature is released :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again @Tim_Kim for upvoting this feature :+1:. We agree, this will be a powerful addition and hope to have an update for you on our plans for it soon. We’ll update this thread as soon as we have more to share.

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