Calculations Wrong on a Filtered View

I have a spreadsheet in which I am using CONVERT to convert mass units to ozm. On the main spreadsheet (unfiltered), the calculations are fine. If I then filter the worksheet, the function reference still looks okay, but the returned result is incorrect.

Example in the Filtered View.

In the unfiltered view, the result is still 2 ozm like it should be.

Hi Bryce, Would you be willing to share the spreadsheet with me? murali at spreadsheet dot com ? I can take a look at it quickly.

Let me know if you need different access permissions.


I could reproduce the issue. Tracking it as #003509. Will update this thread as we make progress.

Issue #003509 is fixed now with the latest upgrade.

When a range formula eg: SUBTOTAL(9,H8:H) covers a range which includes formula cells which are in turn affected by a View sort, we had a bug with recalculating the cells in the Range.

We have now fixed it with 003509 and also added to our automated test suite.

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