Automations not applying to each row

I have attempted to find the answer and I can’t see anything about this. I have set up an automation to send an email 2 days before a date.

Each row has the same information parts (particularly, an email address, and a date. ) Yet when I go to run a test run on the automation, only about 10 rows show up as a possible test run (out of 39).

I’ve had issues in the past with some of my automations not getting emails to everyone and I assumed that they were having it go to junk mail. Now I’m wondering if there is a flaw in how I’m setting these up since it only seems to be applying to some rows.

I assumed that if I have 39 rows, all 39 rows would be subject to the automation, but it appears that not all of them are.

What am I missing?

Hello @Rise_Up_PNW -

Automations apply to all rows in the Table region of a Sheet ( ie all rows below the header row).

Can you please check if there are logs for your Automation’s runs in the Automations History tab in the your Workspace details page?

In the log is says it was run, but also says 0 actions. I sent some screenshots.

(Attachment Automation Troubleshooting.pdf is missing)

Zero Actions most likely means that it evaulated a IF condition and chose a branch that has nothing to execute. Could you please provide a screenshot of your automation?
Or submit a support ticket - with the screenshots.