Automations manager tab does not load

Found a loading bug while working with my spreadsheet. I clicked on the automations button to pull up the automations in my spreadsheet and got this white screen that never loads. Since then I can not open the automations because this screen appears every time. If I go to different tabs the automation screen will pop up there but if I open the automations in another worksheet and try to see the automations on this worksheet it will white out again.

Different web browsers cause the same issue.

@Martin_Estrada_Jr Sorry you are running into this. It looks like a JavaScript error that we need to address. When you get to this blank screen can you share a screenshot of the developer console, and the saved console log with us at

You can find details about how to do this here:

Does this help?

@Martin_Estrada_Jr - It is a bug that we will aim to fix ASAP - Tracking as #004489

Could you please reply here with the console log for this?

  1. Reload page

  2. Right click on workbook header region > Inspect

  3. Click on Automations to reproduce the issue

  4. And a screenshot of the error that appears in the Console tab of the DevTools window

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I recreated the problem on another spreadsheet. Deleting a column that an automation references, triggers the load issue. The column might need to be named other than the stock letter to get the issue. You can do something simple like an automation that updates a column when (Column Test) changes. Delete (Column Test) and then try to open automations and it should give you the blank white page. Restoring a previous version that has the column still in it fixes the issue.

Thanks for following up with these details Martin, as @Murali_Mohan mentioned we’re tracking it as a high priority issue, # 004489, and will follow up here as soon as we have a resolution. Thanks for your patience with us on this.

Issue ##004489 has been fixed with the latest upgrade.