Automatically generated related row missing values

I am working with the ‘Production Log’ and ‘QC Issues’ worksheets in the spreadsheet shown in the linked video below. Ignore the audio. I created a Related row data type on the ‘QC Issues’ worksheet that brings in values from the “Batch #” column in the ‘Production Log’ worksheet. I see that the spreadsheet automatically generated the column called “QC Issues” on the ‘Production Log’ worksheet. However, I would expect this auto-generated column to bring a value into cell F10, which it did, but I also expect it to bring the value of “45789982” into cell F12 which it did not. I can share the spreadsheet with an email address if you’d like.

Here’s the unlisted video

Thanks for reporting this @Adam_Steinfurth. It should no longer be happening now, but we are investigating. In short, it looks like sometime in the past ~10 hours there was an issue with our backend notifications, which led to what you experienced here. Apologies for the issue, we will update this thread once we have something conclusive to share.