Auto Sort / Auto Filter / Auto Group

This here is the only topic that I was able to find that was remotely related and it is so old that I thought it best to start a new thread.

Can we have the ability for any sorting, filtering, and grouping that is in existence to be auto-applied after entering a new record? It seems counterproductive to have to refresh the page after every entry. Not to mention that new users are left confused about why the new record isn’t sitting where they expected it to be.

In this example, I entered a completed status on a grouped-by status report from your To Do List template. Once the information was entered, I clicked out of it, and this is what I ended up with.


In the link included above, it was mentioned that nonprimary views should work fine; however, this example was done in a nonprimary view, grouped by status.

Speaking of the primary view, if we treat the primary view as the raw data, then it shouldn’t be the first thing the end users see.

I would love feedback or any workaround that others have found to be effective.

@Nathalie_Collins - I agree there are some UX quirks in those areas. We will prioritise these. Also the ability to Drag rows across groups.

As for the Primary View, the creator of the Template/WB can reorder the views in the Views pane.