Attachments: filesize, info, idea, tips?

Is there any more info on the attachments? Are there max filesizes? Is there a max memory per document? Is there a maximum amount you’d like us to keep it under if there’s no hard max? Can we thumbnail images? Or maybe have a window that expands to show thumbnails?

Check here for more info on Attachment data types
NOTE: Our documentation is under construction, so some links may not have any info.

All attachments and Import file sizes are currently restricted to 5MB.
The article shared above mentions the files types that we support for which a thumbnail will be generated. There is no restriction on the type of file but there won’t be a thumbnail generated for unsupported types.

‘Can we thumbnail images?’
I’m not sure I understand but we do have a preview (click on an attachment cell thumbnail) that allows the file content to be viewed for supported types. E.g. pdfs, word documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

We haven’t finalised on our pricing plans, but there will be an overall limit on storage based on the plan.

Cool, I retract that thumbnail question. Glanced over at a coworker the other day who had enormous images distorting cell sizes, I’ll see if I can figure out what they did.