Adding a Row via the Kanban View Overwrites Previous Row

When I add a row via the kanban view, and then return to the worksheet view, the new row appears to have been added on top of the previous row, like this:


After closing and then reopening the spreadsheet, it appears to be fixed:


UPDATE: This happens when the worksheet view is sorted. Otherwise, it looks like the new row is added to the bottom of the table. I’d really like to keep the worksheet sorted.

This brings up another issue … it would be nice to have the option to make a sort permanent. Perhaps this is more fundamental to how the database works, though. If it won’t be possible or practical to permanently sort the table, that would be good to know.

Reg Sort: We are working on the feature to make the Sort permanent in the Primary View ( that is, the Sheet itself ) .
Unlike databases, Spreadsheet sort order is totally arbitrary - ie, I may do a Sort by some criteria - but I can then drag and drop rows to any arbitrary order. Though we do not support DnD right now, it is coming soon.
Also immediately after sorting - one may insert a few rows here and there that violates the Sort condition. Thus, spreadsheet’s sort order is in fact totally arbitrary, only to be punctuated with certain “Sort events” (which happens when user does a Sort - Apply or adds a brand new Sort criterion ).

So the ability to preserve the arbitrary order of rows across page reloads - in the Primary View - is coming soon.

However, in Non-primary views, the Sort order is not persisted , but the sort conditions are. So the View will re-sort itself every time the page reloads. That is our current thinking. Users may want arbitrary sort order in all Views. We’ll play it by the ear.

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We are tracking this as issue #001648

This has been resolved, with the latest product update.