Adding a New Row breaks formulas

Just discovered a HUGE issue that is going to create hours of work fixing.

When adding a row, formulas in rows below it do not change.

eg. when adding a new row between 99 and 100, formulas that referenced the old 100 still reference 100 after the row add.

BUT when deleting the new row, the formulas follow theoretically ‘correct behavior’ and revert back to reference 99.

So when adding a row, the formulas don’t work, and when deleting the row, the formulas still don’t work.

Really hoping that you guys can find a way to revert this back for me, and to fix it going forward ASAP.

Rob, sorry to hear you ran into this. We will email you directly right now to gather details so we can help you debug this and restore this workbook to an older version if necessary.

Will follow up with resolution details in this thread for others following.

We have addressed the issue in your workbook and have identified three related issues (tracking internally as 001928, 001931, and 001938) that may have caused what you experienced.

We expect to release fixes for these issues in our next production update on July 17th.

We believe we have addressed the root cause of this issue with the following fixes now available as part of today’s updates:

  1. Cell and range references in formulas are now adjusted properly when a multi-row insertion is immediately followed by a multi-row delete or undo.
  2. Row insertions immediately followed by formula updates now function as expected.