Add Courier as a Font Option

We’ll need a way to ensure exact vertical/horizontal character alignment in some cases, so please add the Courier or Courier New font to the Font drop-down. Thanks.

Example: When using REPT() and concatenation with different characters to create something like an in-cell dot plot, you’ll want each character to take up the same width.

Indeed. A monospace font is essential.

Yes, “monospace” is the correct term. :slight_smile:

Tracking this as issue # 001539

Another font that is extremely useful in spreadsheets is “Arial Narrow” because of its ability to condense data while maintaining legibility.

If it’s possible, I’d recommend including all the fonts that are available in Google Sheets, but “Courier New” and “Arial Narrow” are at the top of my list for font requests.

Hi, Courier New will appear in production in under a week. We will consider Arial Narrow.

Courier is now available in

Awesome. Adding the Courier New font allowed me to do this: