About Recalculation


I couldn’t find the settings for recalculation (every minute/every hour) on the menu where iterative calculations is set up nor anywhere else. Is it in another spot I couldn’t find or is it a function not present in Spreadsheet.com?

Hi @Felipe_Mineu, We don’t yet offer a setting for this. Can you provide more context regarding where/what functions you expect this to work with?


Hi @matt, thanks for the reply.
I was attempting to work on a countdown of sorts to manage a potential expiration database. As it is, the ‘remaining time’ will tick down everytime I refresh the spreadsheet’s page but I was hoping to have it automated. I couldn’t find a function for it in the Automation either.

Hi @Felipe_Mineu, Thanks for sharing more about your use case. At this time you are correct, there is no way to automate this beyond reloading unless you were to programmatically do it via the API (probably overkill for this scenario).