Ability to rearrange folders and workbooks

It would be great if we could have more control over the layout of our Workspace.

Examples include;

  • being able to collapse a workspace in order to save space and to lessen the noise
  • being able to organize the order of the workbooks within the same workspace. Unless this feature is there and I just don’t see it.

Thanks for all your hard work @matt.

Hi @Nathalie_Collins. Enhancements to the home page are something we do have on our longer term radar. Right now we don’t have the ability to collapse workspaces in the main Home page panel, which makes sense for the reason you suggested. However, you can reorder folders and workbooks today.

Workbooks: Reordering workbooks is done by hovering over a workbook and using the drag handle on the left. Dropping it in a different position within the folder, or in a different folder, will move it. We do plan to improve the UI soon to more clearly show you where the new workbook’s position will be before it is dropped.


Folders: You can reorder folders within workspaces using the drag handles next to each folder in the left sidebar, as shown in this animation: