A formula for my subcontractor table

I know this is probably simple for most, but I am very new to this stuff.
I have a column where I keep track of my payments to my subcontractors.
The column is a $ column. The amount I paid them is on multiple rows.
Just above those rows is a greyed SUM: this is fine. I also have a column called Bid Price
What I want to do if possible is to have the sum deducted from the bid price and show that in a column labeled Balance Owed

thanks in advance

Hi Martin,

Thank you for reaching out and it’s very nice to meet you virtually! My name is Thomas and I lead Customer Success here at Spreadsheet.com.

This is where our Data Type “Column Formula” might be a good fit for your use case. I’m including a short Loom video below along with documentation around this Data Type for your convenience below.

Help Documentation

  • Thomas Video (here)
  • Column Formula Data Type (here)

Please let me know if you have further questions or if this doesn’t quite solve your request. Thank you again for reaching out Martin!